Member Spotlight: Amy Luo

For the next few weeks we’ll be doing spotlights on our amazing members in CASE! Check out our first spotlight below.


Amy Luo is a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio studying Economics and Business Institutions (BIP). Last winter she was a Project Manager (PM) for Foxery where she and her team helped develop a marketing strategy for the start-up. Outside of CASE, Amy is also involved in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and Asian American Intervarsity. Read about what she has to say about her experience in the organization!

What’s your favorite part of CASE?

I love being able to gain consulting experience with my peers while being able to make a real impact on student organizations and real companies.

What are your experiences being a PM?

I loved working with my team and developing more friendships in CASE! I also loved the exposure and experience I got that was so unique to being a PM-- I was always learning new things about consulting and my team.

What are you up to in your free time?

I'm always watching beauty videos on YouTube and I absolutely love playing card games with my friends in the off chance we're not holed up studying.

Any plans this summer?

I’ll be interning at a boutique strategy consulting firm called Bellwether Analytics and enjoying summer in Chicago!

CASE Quarterly: Winter 2018

Check out the highlights from our projects last Winter!


Led by Judy Tsai, ’19, CASE worked with INCompass, a platform-based non-profit, to identify potential partners and value propositions for their product in order to develop a pitch portfolio. In addition, CASE developed a technology strategy, which included labor resource needs and development recommendations, for the organization.

Ill Customz

Led by Anand Raman ’20, CASE worked with Ill Customz, a Northwestern based startup that provides high quality car audio parts to shops across the country. As Ill Customz grows, they plan to develop products to target the low-end market. The founders approached CASE asking us to develop a pricing strategy for their current high-end products. By looking at their sales data, CASE was able to recommend both short-term and long-term strategies for their business.


Led by Amy Luo ’20, CASE worked with Foxery, Inc, a health-sharing startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Her team worked to develop a low-budget marketing strategy, focusing primarily on social media marketing and campus marketing. Ultimately, CASE recommended that Foxery dedicate their resources on improving their current social media presence and prepare for an eventual campus-focused marketing effort in the future.






CASE Quarterly: Fall 2017

Campus Language Connection

This past fall, CASE worked with Campus Language Connection (CLC), a language exchange service pairing members of the campus community with native speakers of the languages they hope to learn. Led by Omkar Venkatesh '19 as Project Manager, the CASE team provided recommendations for how the organization could bolster its marketing efforts, solve its supply-demand mismatch, and collect metrics on learner engagement.

As a result of CASE's efforts, CLC has implemented multiple changes, including updating its core business model to expand past language-education.

Upcoming Projects

This winter we have three new projects: Foxery led by Amy Luo, Co-Impact led by Judy Tsai, and Ill Customz led by Anand Raman. Be on the lookout for the next quarterly to see updates from these projects!

CASE Quarterly: Winter 2017

Strive for College

This Winter, ten members worked with Strive for College, a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing mentoring high school students in lower income neighborhoods about college admissions. Led by Gloria Mao ’19, the team worked with the Northwestern branch of the nonprofit to create a strategy for increasing mentor engagement. After conducting in-person focus groups and researching organization management strategies, the team’s final recommendation was an internal development series for incoming mentors that involved training sessions and in-person mentorship opportunities that gives the mentors a stronger understanding of Strive for College’s cause.

Brew Bike

During Winter’17, 14 members from CASE worked with the BrewBike team, a student run coffee provider on Northwestern’s Evanston Campus. Led by Ipek Kirali ’18, the team worked on two aspects of the business: Organizational Structure and Finances. The team examined BrewBike’s current executive hierarchy and identified an optimal executive structure that meets the organization’s unique needs. To be able to create and maintain a sustainable structure and be able to pass it on in the future, CASE built a model with a core “board” consisting of the CEO -the vision director, the Food and Drink Coordinator, the Chief People Person and the Marketing director, with respective subcommittees as well as implementing a rotational training program and a streamlined recruitment process. On the finance side, the team performed series of financial analyses and recommended a new pricing menu, change in operating hours to maximize the profit, investment in marketing and overall focus on increasing the gross margin. BrewBike team was very responsive to the recommendations given and they implemented the new menu starting from Spring 2017!

Events: CASE & SCNO Consulting Consortium

The Consulting Consortium, presented by CASE and SCNO and sponsored by Northwestern Career Advancement, is a half day event targeted towards freshmen, sophomores, and juniors interested in learning more about consulting, the lifestyle, and the many opportunities within the consulting world. Students interested in consulting can interact directly with representatives from top firms. 

This year, we will have consultants from across 12 different consulting firms come and speak in panels, breakout sessions, and case workshops. Sessions will be held in small, intimate settings where students can feel comfortable starting a dialogue between themselves and the consultants. Dress code is business casual.