Our Clients

CASE has provided a wide range of consulting services to clients in the past. Outlined below are three projects from Spring 2016. 


Admit Hero

In Spring '16, CASE worked with Admit Hero, a website that publishes scholarship, college and career preparation content for high school students while also selling students’ demographic and contact information to college admission marketing departments. CASE conducted over 30 interviews with admission departments and completed market sizing to help refine Admit Hero’s business strategy. Admit Hero will be launching a new version of its website later this year, and it will be using CASE’s research to develop its sales strategy.



CASE worked with Audiovert, a customizable speaker startup founded by two Northwestern Engineering students, last spring. CASE worked to recommend an initial target market and develop a marketing strategy by conducting market research and polling prospective customers. Ultimately, CASE recommended that Audiovert target young NU graduates and developed coinciding marketing, pricing, and distribution strategies.


Fully Screened

CASE members also worked with Fully Screened, a real-estate startup designed to streamline the apartment search process for international students in urban markets. By analyzing market size, profitability, and competition from both traditional and non-traditional housing providers, CASE identified potential expansion options and contributed to Fully Screened’s pitch deck.